Report on IETF and ETSI activities around Post-Quantum systems

GlobalPlatform monitors activities around post-quantum cryptography. NIST has published the PQC Round 3 "final" candidates. Following the ANSSI presentation, PQShield will present an update on IETF and ETSI CYBER activities, especially considering …

Post-Quantum cryptography for C++ developers (in Polish)

The presentation introduces cryptographic libraries and tools useful during migration to next-gen cryptographic systems, resistant to potential attacks from quantum computers. Some basic concepts behind post-quantum cryptography are introduced during …

Ciphertext Compression Techniques for Post-Quantum KEMs

In this work, we first provide a simple and efficient generic construction of mKEM that can be instantiated from versatile assumptions, including post-quantum ones. We then study these mKEM instantiations at a practical level using 8 post-quantum KEMs and show that compared to the trivial solution, our mKEM offers savings of at least one order of magnitude in the bandwidth.

Measuring TLS key exchange with post-quantum KEM

Experimenting with real-world deployment and measurements of post-quantum key exchange in TLS


CIRCL is a collection of cryptographic primitives written in Go.